8.3. 2016

GOSHES Integrates NEST Thermostat for Enhanced Dynamic Experience

GOSHES, the multi-platform app redefining the standard in photography, today launched its latest smart feature: the NEST thermostat. This new evocative feature carries users of the GOSHES app beyond their photographs and expert ambient lighting as they recapture their favorite memories. Integration of the NEST thermostat brings GOSHES users a step beyond their smartphones and smart bulbs into a wholly unique immersive experience. As the first data-rich app of its kind, GOSHES is expected to revolutionize the interplay between photography and users’ memories. “With GOSHES, you can relive your favorite moments from both travels and the everyday simply by snapping your GOSHES photos, editing your favorites, setting unique dynamic ambient lighting for perfect in-home ambience, and using NEST for a ‘temperature experience’ on your skin,” said Jakub Jašák, co-founder of GOSHES.

More than just camera

The GOSHES app was designed to help photographers evoke the light, color, temperature, sounds, atmospheric pressure, humidity and even users’ heart rate. The app allows them to communicate with their room’s smart bulbs and thermostat during visual displays through either their smartphone or their smart watch. “Just imagine. You are presenting pictures from your last trip to South America to your friends, and they will truly experience your travels vicariously – the room’s light is changing, the temperature is rising and your guests are wholly brought into the moment,” said Juraj Krištufek, CEO at GOSHES.

Adventures without traveling

Users who have caught the wanderlust bug or who enjoy immersive experiences can purchase images from other photographers, and can make their own pictures available in the GOSHES app store for a named price. All pictures stored in the GOSHES gallery are equipped with the same comprehensive data as if you had taken the photographs yourself and will be available for immediate dynamic scene use. Within a matter of seconds, you can enjoy the atmosphere and experience of Peking, Moscow, or even Madagascar thanks to other GOSHES users around the globe. “In addition to creating a lush ambient rainforest experience in my living room, I will be submerging myself into the photographer’s experience via true-to-life temperature and atmosphere in my home, at the bar or in my office,” said Jakub Jašák.   

The future of GOSHES

The opportunities are limitless with this kind of new technology data experience. Envision the cinema experience of the future, in which theaters can accent films with authentic ambient lighting and adaptable temperature modules for whole-body immersion into the film. Offices will have the faculty to create unique meeting rooms that capture the atmosphere of engaging graphics or stimulating places, or help frequent business travelers get acquainted with their next destination in advance.

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