About us


Our goal was to pass on an experience, emotion and atmosphere captured in a photograph to space house, office or apartment. Since the very beginning we wanted to change the standard of photography, as we have known it so far. Each picture hides a story, an emotion that we feel when we take the smartphone into our hands and try to capture this experience in a photograph. However, we want to go further and through the photo we want to pass on this experience, emotion and atmosphere right into our homes. And thus the GOSHES story has began. GOSHES forever changes the view on the photo which is no longer only a photo. GOSHES that brings the atmosphere, experience and emotion right into your home.


Our vision is to share all your unforgettable moments in a completely new dimension. Our aim is a brand new standard of sharing pictures by passing on all amazing moments, experience, emotions and atmosphere from anywhere in the world right into your space.


Our mission is to bring our users a possibility to relive and share the most beautiful moments, and enjoy new adventures from captured photographs. We want to get into everybody’s space and bring emotions, atmosphere and experience through GOSHES app.